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What do you wake up to?

I dreamt of something despicable..

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They call me TRACE

YOZ.I am currently a student, huge fan of ジャニーズ and One Tree Hill.

Biggest Johnnys crush? Ikuta Toma♥

Language: English, Chinese, Japanese (still studying)

D.O.B: 19/12/93

Want to meet: People who share the same interest as me!

Love: Making graphics, reading, fangirling and watching Jdramas and Kdramas

Movies: Harry Potter, LoTR, Iron Man, Spiderman, X-Men (basically MARVEL superheroes) & I love Draco Malfoy!

TV: One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, CSI, Harper's Island, The Simpsons, Little Great Britain, Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds and mucha more!

Music: NEWS, 関ジャニ∞, ARASHI, LM.C, SuG, Tackey and Tsubasa, Travis, AC/DC, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, U2, The Killers, Jack's Mannequin, Nada Surf, Avril Lavigne, Something Corporate, Kate Voegele, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The All-American Rejects, The Fray, FT.Island, SHinee, Big Bang and mmooree!

♫Concerts I've been to:
• Avril Lavigne (The Best Damn Tour, 2008)
• Sundown Festival - K-pop (2009)
• Oh Joonsung Drama Concert (2010)
• Epop Music Awards (SHinee was there! 2010)
• Kelly Clarkson (All I Ever Wanted Tour, 2010)
• Sundown Festival - J-rock & K-pop (2010)

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